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Salary and Benefits in Pakistan

Salary and Benefits

What are you worth? That depends on your field, your degree, your previous work experience, and the sort of job you are looking for. It also depends on how talented you are, but probably not to the extent you would like.

We ask graduating students to tell us their salary offers so that we can get a picture of the salary rates in different fields. From these offers, we compile our salary survey. If your degree or discipline is not included in the table, or the job you are interested in is in teaching or government rather than industry, we can probably give you a ball-park figure for the going rate. For summer jobs, the salary rate should generally be around two-thirds to three-fourths of the regular salary offer.

In order to make this survey as complete as possible, we ask that you report all salary offers made to you whether or not you accept them or even consider them. Please use our salary reporting form to report your offers.

We are also collecting salary offers for any summer positions. If we get enough summer offers, we will publish a separate survey of those results.

Employee benefits at most large companies are generally worth another thirty percent or more on top of your salary. The normal benefits include paid vacation (usually two weeks for the first year), health insurance, tuition assistance for courses taken after work, contributions towards your pension, and an opportunity to buy stock in the company with the company making a contribution towards the purchase. If the company grows, and its stock rises accordingly, this last benefit can become a nice nest-egg. In addition, some companies may also include life insurance and/or relocation expenses in their benefit packages.

It is also possible to work for a company and receive no benefits whatever. This is typically the case if you sign on as a consultant, or as a contract worker. Your salary should be larger in this case because it is up to you to pay for health insurance and to provide for your retirement.

Small companies, whose cash flow is generally not steady enough to offer large benefits, are usually between these two extremes. They may make up for this by giving you stock options (the chance to buy the stock later at an earlier and lower price), or a new startup company may pay you partly in stock or give you an outright gift of stock. Obviously, the value depends on the success of the company. The company may go nowhere (this happens often enough), or it may become a howling success and a hit on Wall Street (in which case you could become a millionaire).


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