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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

The minutes before you leave your house for that big job interview might not contain the same level of intensity, but mental preparation can still mean the difference between victory (getting the job) and defeat (back to the classifieds).


A little edginess before an interview can be helpful if it makes you alert and energized, but too much anxiety can be disastrous. Practising deep breathing or repeating a tranquil word like “calm” are popular methods people use to get themselves ready for a tense situation. And, again, mental preparation well in advance of an interview is key.


  • Get your wardrobe in order and give yourself more travel time than you think you might need.
  • Visualize the interview. Picture yourself as poised, confident, articulate.
  • Make a list of your strengths and weakness and practice how you will articulate them.
  • Write out answers to the questions you don’t want to be asked. It will help alleviate your anxiety.

The following four tasks will help you walk into the interview confident & you’ll be successful.

Conduct Basic Interview Research

Call the person who scheduled your interview and ask:

  • Who will you be talking to? Will you meet the manager you’d work for, or will you just talk to HR? What are the interviewer’s expectations?
  • Get directions to the office. Plan to leave early. Keep a phone number to call if you get stuck on the bus or in traffic. If you arrive late and stressed, the interview will not go well.
  • If you don’t have a detailed job description, ask for one.

Learn About the Company Online

Do some fast Web research, which will give you something to talk about in addition to the job description. Go to the employer’s Web site, or search the Web for information such as:

  • How big is the company in terms of employees?
  • What does the company say about its products or services?
  • What recent news (such as a new product, a press release, an interview with the CEO) can you discuss?

Think of Some Stories

Be ready to answer typical interview questions with a story about yourself. To prepare, write down and memorize three achievement stories. Tell about times you’ve really felt proud of an achievement at work or school. These stories demonstrate all those hard-to-measure qualities like judgment, initiative, teamwork or leadership. Wherever possible, quantify what you’ve done, e.g., “increased sales by 20 percent,” “cut customer call waiting time in half,” “streamlined delivery so that most customers had their job done in two days.”

Pick Your Outfit, and Go to Bed Early

Lay out your interview dress the night before, get a good night’s rest, and always get an early start. The last thing you want is to waste all of your interview preparation by arriving flustered and panicked because you couldn’t find a parking space.

Job fair in Karachi next month

Karachi Commissioner Office’s Job Placement Bureau announced on Sunday that it would hold a job fair in December,  2015 to help develop linkage between skilled youth and industrial as well as commercial units operational in the metropolis.


Commissioner Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui has constituted an organising committee comprising representatives of Benazir Bhutto Youth Development Programme, Employees Federation of Pakistan, Karachi Association of Traders and Industrialists and Employment Exchange Programme along with Karachi-East Additional deputy Commissioner Zahid Hussain Memon.

Amjad ullah Shaikh of Placement Bureau will be the secretary of the job fair’s organising committee.

The commissioner said in a meeting that Sindh Technical Education Board would be particularly invited to have first-hand knowledge about the needs of employers looking for trained hands in their wide range of projects. Assistant Commissioner Karachi Shahzaib Shaikh was directed to look into the affairs of leather training institute and ensure that its graduates are also provided every opportunity to attend the fair and are facilitated in exploring the best opportunities.

Karachi – Govt. working for the employment for short stature people

Commissioner of Karachi, Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui on Monday constituted a committee to address issues related to employment opportunities for short stature citizens of the metropolis.

Addressing a ceremony to commemorate the day for people suffering from growth hormone deficiency causing short stature with no implications on their intellectual capacity, Siddiqui said an “inclusive’ approach has to be adopted to help these people join the mainstream.


“The vast majority of these special people, we all do come across, do neither lack mental capacities nor the will to contribute hence must be facilitated to deliver,” he said.

Muhammad Aslam representing the short stature people on the occasion said seats for these special people must be reserved in all policy-making bodies.

He also sought special measures to enhance easy accessibility of these people to educational institutions as well as vocational training centres that may be relevant to the capacities to short stature individuals.

Rescue Service Director Syed Muhammad Shukaib said the recommendations forwarded by the association of these special people with regard to job quota in private and public sector institutions has been forwarded to the concerned authorities.

Moreover, keeping in view the problem faced by these people availing public transport is also attempted to be solved.

The committee constituted by Commissioner of Karachi for the welfare of short stature people was said to include representatives of social welfare, transport department, State Bank of Pakistan besides different private facilities.

Participants of the program pledged to make concerted efforts for a quality life provision for the short sized individuals – inclusive of proper recreation as well as socio-economic empowerment.


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Pakistani teenager becomes youngest gamer to surpass $1million in eSports earnings as Dota 2 tournament sets major records

The fast-growing popularity of eSports was further illustrated at the weekend with several milestones set at The International 2015 Dota 2 Championships in Seattle, USA, including the youngest gamer to earn more than $1 Million.
The grand showpiece of Valve’s popular massively online battle arena game Dota 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2), The International 2015 offered an eye-watering prize pot of $18,429,613 (£11,836,998)– the largest prize pool in eSports by some distance, beating the tournament’s own previous year’s record of $10,931,103 (£6,395,000).
Overall winners Evil Geniuses (USA) bagged $6,634,661 (£4,253,042) of that total, having defeated China’s CDEC in a hard-fought final on 8 August 2015.
One of that five-man-team’s stars was Pakistani gamer Sumail Hassan Syed aka “Suma1L”, (pictured far right with his Evil Geniuses teammates above), who at 16 years 2 months 21 days became the youngest gamer to earn $1 million in eSports winnings. His team’s victory at The International 2015 brought Sumail’s total earnings from pro gaming to a staggering $1,639,867 (£1,052,141).
Sumail also became the youngest known winner of The International, although it’s important to note that the date of birth of three previous winners remain publicly unknown.
Sumail had moved to Illinois, USA in 2014 in order to pursue a career in pro gaming. In February 2015, he was part of the Evil Geniuses team that won the Dota 2 Asian Championship in China, pocketing his team $1.2 million (£770,614). He was still just 15 years old at the time.
But it wasn’t just Sumail breaking records at The International.
The cash prize awarded to Evil Geniuses was not only the largest winnings in eSports, it also made the USA-based team the highest-earning team in eSports. As of 11 August 2015, they had earned $11,185,866 (£7,175,441) from competing in 463 tournaments, which also includes competitions in such games as StarCraft, Halo and Counter-Strike.
Much of The International’s prize money was funded through the selling of a Dota 2 Compendium through Valve’s store, a significant example of a crowd funded prize pool.

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Best Job search sites in Pakistan

As we know, every job seeker and worker has a different set of priorities and needs.

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PSEB’s endeavors be focused to exceed $6bn IT exports by 2020

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is mandated to promote Information Technology (IT) industry aggressively over next five years to exceed IT exports target of US$ 6 billion by 2020.
Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Ms. Anusha Rehman, who chaired 30th meeting of PSEB’s Board of Directors here on Thursday, said reporting of IT exports by companies needs to be improved because State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) remittance figures are much below than the actual exports figure of IT industry.


She said this hurts perception of size of Pakistan’s IT industry abroad with foreign customers and hence, IT companies need to improve their reporting to PSEB and SBP if they want Pakistan to be taken seriously as a major player in global IT market.
The meeting was held to assess state of the IT industry and to evaluate steps being taken to bolster long term growth, to boost IT exports, and to attract investment in IT sector.
Secretary IT, Azmat Ali Ranjha, Managing Director of PSEB, Asim Shahryar, Member HRD, Tahir Mushtaq and other board members also attended the meeting. Private sector was represented by CEO Netsol, Saleem Ghauri and Chairman P@SHA, Dr. Shoab Khan.
The Minister emphasized that a series of workshops on growing IT exports be conducted where IT start-ups and young entrepreneurs be guided and mentored by Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of leading IT companies of Pakistan.
The goal will be improving visibility of Pakistan’s IT industry globally as well as building trust with foreign clients, she said and directed PSEB to establish a counseling center to guide IT start-ups and entrepreneurs on regular basis about queries related to company setup, exports reporting, approaching foreign customers etc.
She mentioned that a consultant selected by Korean Exim Bank will visit Islamabad next month to start feasibility study for a new state-of-the-art IT Park in Islamabad.
The IT Park will create new jobs as well as boost IT exports providing eco-system to bolster growth.
Managing Director, PSEB informed the meeting that IT remittances have grown by 41 % to US $ 523.3 million during 2014-15 as reported by SBP.
Also, number of IT companies registered with PSEB has reached 1,135 which is a growth of 67 % over last two years.
He mentioned that PSEB had conducted training of industry professionals on Introduction to CMMI in March/April 2015 and is now planning for second phase of training on “Intermediate Concepts of CMMi.”
The goal of the CMMi training is to create at least five new CMMi auditors for IT industry to improve service delivery and quality of IT companies.
Later, Anusha Rahman appreciated joint efforts of MoIT and PSEB in concluding lease agreement with CAA to acquire land in Karachi for a new IT park there.
For land in Lahore, she instructed PSEB to coordinate with government of Punjab.
Moreover, the Minister was briefed that 60% of 400 interns placed by PSEB last year have been hired by their respective employers.
The Minister emphasized that PSEB should focus its efforts in future on counseling and marketing of IT start-ups.
The meeting ended with CEO Netsol Saleem Ghauri presenting a copy of his autobiography to the Minister.

IT Minister, Anusha assures withdrawal of 14pc AIT on internet

Minister of State for IT Anusha Rehman has assured the IT companies that the imposition of 14 per cent advance income tax (AIT) on internet will be withdrawn while she sought recommendations from the companies for elimination of 8 percent turnover tax on the IT services companies.

A delegation of Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) and Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) met with Anusha Rehman and discussed the taxation issues with her.

Islamabad August 05, 2013:  Minister of State for  IT, Anusha Rahman and Chairman NDMA,  Maj. Gen Saeed Aleem briefing media about flood situatation in the country

ISPAK President Wahaj-us-Siraj told Pakistan Today that the minister assured the delegation that the matter of 14 per cent AIT on internet will be taken up with the ministry of finance and Federal Board of Revenue. She was of the opinion that the imposition of AIT would impact the progress of internet and knowledge economy in the country. She assured that the ministry of IT and telecom would take all efforts to withdraw the AIT on internet usage.

At present internet users are charged 14 per cent AIT by the federal government and 19 per cent excise duty is imposed by the provinces. This adds up close to Rs 350 per Rs 1,000 usage by the consumers.

The minister said that 8 per cent turnover tax on IT services companies could not be withdrawn as it was imposed on all of the services sector companies. She asked the delegation to bring some solid suggestions for its removal so that the matter could be taken up with the Finance Ministry and FBR.

Broadband penetration in Pakistan stood at 6.1 per cent at end December 2014 as compared to 1.7 per cent at end December 2013. The total number of broadband users increased from 3.8 million in December 2013 to 11.4 million in December 2014. The major reason for growth is the advent of 3G and 4G operations of cellular companies.

NetSol gets $1m China project

Pakistani Company NetSol has succeeded in getting a $1 million project from an international construction leasing company in China.

The project would take three months to complete the implementation of NetSol Financial Suite’s Contract Management System (NFS-CMS), at the Chinese company, by NetSol Technologies.


NetSol Technologies has been actively working in different foreign countries, mainly in China, to deploy its financial products for many years.

The quick implementation of the application demonstrates commitment to help the clients achieve their business objectives and hit the ground running with a solution catered to China’s legal, regulatory and business requirements, said NetSol Chief Najeeb Ghauri.