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Textile Testing International

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Textile Testing International has been in service since 1995, and is providing testing services to the textile & Leather industry. TTI is an ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory with proper systems and controls which are monitored and audited by the Pakistan National Accreditation Council.
With the growing needs of the other sectors of the industry, we have diversified our expertise in scope to provide services for testing of leather and leather products, petroleum and petroleum by-products, chemicals, hazardous substances. We continue to expand, by the grace of Allah, to accommodate the needs of other sectors as they arise.
TTI is the only Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) approved laboratory in Pakistan.
With the growing needs of the Analytical Testing , we have recently expanded our expertise in this particular area and started offering following testing as well;
Toxic in Packaging
Heavy metal testing
Phthalates testing
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